Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to Choices. Where do I start?

We’re so glad you found us! Start by browsing our curriculum catalog of titles, available in multiple formats. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, we have units for courses in history, geography, government, civics and more. You can also download a preview copy of Competing Visions of Human Rights: Questions for U.S. Policy to get a sense of a typical Choices curriculum unit.

Once you have a sense of what is in a unit, visit our Online Learning Module to gain an overview of all Choices resources. Finally, find out how other teachers use our materials.

Do you send out preview copies?

You can email us to request a no obligation preview copy (PDF) of any title.

What is the options role play activity?

All Choices units include an Options role play, which engages students in analyzing and presenting multiple perspectives on the essential question at the heart of the unit. To get a sense of how this activity works in the classroom, watch a video of a classroom role play and Tips For Conducting a Role Play. We also provide assessment rubrics for the deliberative dialogue that takes place after the Options Role Play. Feel free to adapt them to your needs.

The Online Learning Module provides tips for conducting your first role play.

Does Choices adhere to Common Core Standards?

Yes. For more than 25 years, Choices curriculum units have helped students develop the competencies now required in the C3 Framework, Common Core, and state standards. Visit Meeting Standards to see how.

What is the Lexile Level of Choices materials?

Our materials are written at a Lexile Level of 1100L - 1300L.

Do you have digital editions of your materials?


Our eText Classroom Editions offer the same great content as our print editions but all of the resources—readings, study guides, and class handouts—are available as individual digital files that can be easily posted to a learning management system or course site. Students can complete assignments on their computer and print or email the finished product back to the teacher. eText Editions run on all devices.

What’s the difference between a PDF and an eText?

A PDF Teacher Set comes as one file that can not be broken apart and is not licensed for posting online. It is designed for a teacher who wants to print pages directly from the PDF. An eText Classroom Edition is a PDF portfolio that is licensed for posting online. Still have questions? Email or call us; we’ll be happy to talk to you about your specific classroom needs.

I hear you have some free materials too.

Yes. Our Teaching with the News lessons and Videos are free.

Teaching with the News lessons help you teach about world events in the news.

Videos are aligned with our curriculum units. They allow students to hear multiple viewpoints on complex international issues, and provide you with a sense of the scholarship found in our units.

Join our mailing list and we’ll notify you as new lessons and videos become available.

Do you offer professional development?

We offer face-to-face professional development through our introductory workshops around the country and our conference workshops, both of which are usually led by Choices Teaching Fellows. We also offer an annual Summer Leadership Institute for educators who are familiar with our materials.

Our free Online Learning Module is a great professional development tool for those who can’t attend a face-to-face program. It is also an excellent tool for district supervisors who wish to offer free online professional development to their staff. We are also happy to provide schools and districts with in-service programs for a fee.

How can I stay informed about new Choices materials and events?

Join our mailing list to find out about new materials, professional development, and more.