be the change

Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who participated in the contest. To see all the videos, visit our Vimeo group page.



Ana D'Agrosa (Missouri, U.S.A.) - "Water Haul"

Water Haul from Ana D'Agrosa on Vimeo.



Adrienne Love (Oregon, U.S.A.) - "Immigration and Citizenship as Global Issues"

Immigration and Citizenship as Global Issues from Adrienne Love on Vimeo.


Lorenz Pritz (Salzburg, Austria) - "The Irony of Democracy"

The Irony of Democracy from cipher wingman on Vimeo.




Stephanie Ramirez (Rhode Island, U.S.A.) - "MET Fruit"

MET Fruit from Choices Program on Vimeo.



honorable mention

Jian Manjares (Marikina, Philippines) - "Tulong Dunong: spread the gift of education"

Tulong Dunong: Spread the gift of education from Jian Manjares on Vimeo.

Special thanks to the Cranaleith Foundation for their support of this contest.