Choices Leadership Institute

Global Refugees: Human Rights, Responsibilities, and Responses

Brown University | Providence, RI
July 11-15, 2016

While the global refugee crisis is a longstanding problem, there are more displaced people today than at any time since World War II. As of 2014, nearly sixty million people had been forcibly displaced from their homes, about twenty million of them refugees. What causes people to flee their homes? Where are the most serious crises? How has the world responded, and what are the ripple effects for international relations? Finally, how is the recent crisis affecting U.S. foreign policy decisions as well as domestic discussions on immigration and refugee resettlement? Join the Choices Program and scholars from the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at the 2016 Choices Leadership Institute to explore these complex issues.

During the accompanying pedagogy sessions at the Institute, participants will examine instructional strategies for engaging secondary students in the study of contested international issues, share best practices with other dedicated and innovative teachers, and develop plans for conducting effective professional development.

Leadership Institute Benefits


If you are new to the Choices Program’s curriculum, our day-long introductory workshops and our conference presentations are designed for you. See our professional development page for details.


Participants’ responsibilities
Participants are responsible for a $195 institute fee (payable upon acceptance), housing, and some meals. Choices has negotiated an excellent room rate of $124/night, which includes a hot breakfast, at the Hampton Inn Downtown Providence.

Choices’ responsibilities
Choices will provide all materials during the institute, several meals, and a certificate of completion. When Institute participants, now acting as Choices Teaching Fellows, conduct outreach activities to their colleagues, Choices will provide complimentary units (in pdf format) for all workshop participants.

Have Questions?

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Application Deadline: Tuesday, March 1, 2016.


Image from IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation