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This lesson was published in August 2010.

The Gulf Oil Disaster


In this lesson, students will:


Handout: Analyzing Political Cartoons

Powerpoint of cartoons for projection

PBS NewsHour video: Report Says Oil Mostly Gone From Gulf

Additional Online Resources

The following webpages provide additional information on offshore drilling and the Gulf oil disaster, including audio, video, and interactive resources.

Al Jazeera: Oil Disaster

BBC: BP Oil Disaster

The New York Times: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill (2010)

The New York Times: Offshore Drilling and Exploration

NPR: Gulf Oil Spill

The Wall Street Journal: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

In the Classroom

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Encourage your students to express their views.

Contact Elected Officials
Students could write letters to elected officials. They can find contact information for the White House at www.whitehouse.gov/contact and their U.S. senators and representatives at thomas.loc.gov.

Write Locally
Students could write letters to the editor of a local paper or write articles for the school or community newspaper.

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