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The Choices Program is a non-profit organization based at Brown University that develops curricula on current and historical international issues. Course materials place special emphasis on the importance of educating students in their participatory role as citizens.

Digital Curriculum

We now offer digital curriculum materials in multiple formats including iBooks Textbooks and eText Classroom Editions.

Mastering the Common Core: A Four-Day Training for District Leaders

The Choices Program is excited to offer a new professional development opportunity to district-level social studies leaders.

Professional Development

Choices offers a range of professional development opportunities designed to support teachers as they implement our resources in their classrooms.

Scholars Online Videos

Videos help give students and teachers a clear, yet nuanced understanding of complex issues.

Teaching with the News

Teaching with the News provides free online lessons to connect the content of the classroom to the headlines in the news.

Teacher Corner

What is the best way to get started using the Choices Program? How do you know which units will work best for your course or students? See what the Choices Teaching Fellows are doing in their classroom.

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Get a feel for what Choices curriculum units are like. Download a preview copy of Competing Visions of Human Rights: Questions for U.S. Policy.

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New and Notable

new edition

The Limits of Power: The United States in Vietnam

Using maps, cartoons, and primary sources, students evaluate how successive U.S. administrations perceived the situation in Vietnam, and implemented policy.

United Nations
new edition

The United Nations: Challenges and Change

Using primary sources, charts, case studies, and simulations, students examine the historical origins of the UN and consider its role in the world today.

teaching with the news

Unrest in Ukraine

This lesson provides a background to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, has students analyze political cartoons, and asks them to monitor the Ukrainian crisis in the news.

new edition

The United States in Afghanistan

Students use primary source documents, readings, and new media sources as they consider the future of U.S. policy in Afghanistan.

Colonization in Africa
new curriculum

Colonization and Independence in Africa

Students explore Africa in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and consider the changes colonialism imposed on African governments, economies, and societies.

Egypt Timeline
Teaching with the News

The Egyptian Revolution: An Interactive Timeline

Using an interactive timeline with videos, images, and text, students explore the Egyptian Revolution from 2011 to today.

New Curriculum

Indian Independence and the Question of Partition

Students explore the era of British colonialism, Indian campaigns for independence, and the legacies of the 1947 partition.

iBook Textbook

Digital Curriculum

We now offer digital curriculum materials in multiple formats including iBooks Textbooks and eText Classroom Editions.

Teaching with the News

Graffiti in Egypt's Revolution

In this lesson students will assess the role of graffiti in political protest and articulate opinions on graffiti and censorship.

Foreign Aid
New Edition

Dilemmas of Foreign Aid: Debating U.S. Policies

Students explore the history of U.S. foreign assistance and the institutions that distribute aid today.

Scholars Online Videos

The Limits of Power: The United States in Vietnam

Scholars Online Videos bring university scholars into secondary level classrooms. They are designed to be used along with curriculum materials.

Middle East
New Edition

The Middle East in Transition: Questions for U.S. Policy

Students explore the Arab-Israeli conflict, the significance of oil, the Arab Spring, and other issues that shape U.S. ties to the Middle East.

Costs of War
Teaching with the News

The Costs of War

In this lesson students explore the human, economic, social, and political costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.